hamptons travel and tours

Corporate/Business travels


Hamptons offers professional travel services, private tours, holiday packages, excursions, businesses, families, and individual travellers. Our business is to ensure our clients get the best financial offer for every trip. This we do by providing our clients optimum cost-containment of travelling with the airlines available and stopovers for each trip


Our core delivery extends to planning travels for corporate small and big organizations for conferences, seminars, team bonding, group travels, retreats for their staff members, directors and executives both locally and internationally. We also help in planning travels for company expatriates who will be flying into Nigeria. Companies signed up on our travel agency get fantastic discount rates, depending on their travel schedule.

State & Parastatals

Hamptons delivers high-quality services for state officials and government parastatals that have to attend training, meetings. We are known for the standard. We handle everything from bookings to hotel reservations and of course, we deliver as expected.

Religious Organizations

Being the best travel agency in Nigeria means we also offer our services to faith-based organizations who will want to set out for religious activities within and outside the country. We see your role as crucial in society, and as such, only the best should handle your travels and logistics. Oh, we are the best!