Hamptons travel and tours

Our Services

Hotel Reservation

We have a state-of-the-art search and booking engine that allows us to make reservations directly with the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) of hotels worldwide.

Visa Advisory

We offer visa advisory services for a wide range of clients. Our visa advisory support services’ covers a wide variety of visa types including but not limited to visit visa, student visa, extensions, appeals, post-study visa, sponsoring family members, business visa, immigration, etc.

Tour Packages

Hamptons Travel & Tours offers an all-inclusive tour packages (honeymoon, educational, corporate, cruise, and a variety of leisure tours) to Dubai, Seychelles, Cape Verde, South Africa, Europe, etc. to match your interest, preferred style of travel and budget.

Protocol/Logistics Services

We offer exclusive protocol service which involves a warm welcome of passengers at both International and Major Domestic Airports on arrival/departure. Our protocol team will assist passengers through meets & greet, airport clearance and all related formalities on a “fast track basis” including pick up & drop off.

Travel Consultations

Travel consultation (i.e. pre-trip services such as assistance with arranging airfare, trip insurance, passports, as well as making suggestions regarding trip packages) ticket issuance, revalidation, and reissue travel planning and implementation